The left must hold Hillary Clinton to task

Trouncing Trump protects our democracy and boosts progressive movements.

Photo: Hillary Clinton. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

So Donald Trump isn’t going to be president. Anyone surprised? The question now is what the left will do to empower progressive movements across the country. The American Left has a unique opportunity to elect progressive House and Senate majorities, making independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders the chair of the Senate Budget Committee.

Many on the left continue to be deeply concerned that Hillary Clinton adopted progressive policies to appease Sanders voters. But a landslide election in Hillary’s direction would give Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren the power to hold Clinton accountable and pass major progressive legislation, like debt-free college and a $15 national minimum wage.

We need to move forward with Hillary. Even with her growing lead in the polls, Democrats and independent leftists must turn out during early voting and on November 8 to ensure that Donald Trump is trounced. His talk about a “rigged election” endangers our democracy, and the only way to prevent that danger from causing damage is to marginalize Trump and his supporters. That will only happen if he loses in a blowout.

My debate analysis, like the actual debate, is pretty thin on substance. Clinton pummeled Trump throughout the debate, actually landing a few blows where the Donald couldn’t think of a “counterpunch.” Trump did nothing to appeal to people outside of his base, falling back into his failed strategies from previous debates.

Voting for Hillary now and winning a Democratic Congress gives us so many chances to pass progressive policies that even Barack Obama never had a chance to propose.

If you believe in fighting the climate crisis, attacking white supremacy, passing a public option for health care, wage justice for workers, defending equal rights for women and so many other causes, voting for Hillary advances all of them.

Staying home or not voting Democrats into Congress risks empowering the greatest threat to those causes we’ve seen in a long time.

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