Brad Polumbo removed by Daily Collegian at UMass

Sources report he has been suspended.

Photo: Polumbo on an NRA propaganda show. (YouTube)

Bradley Polumbo has been removed from his position as an editor at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, UMass Amherst’s independent student paper, according to sources and reporting.

Polumbo’s name no longer appears on the Collegian staff page online, and sources report that he has been “suspended” by the paper’s editorial leadership.

This news comes just one day after Polumbo appeared on Fox News and other conservative propaganda outlets complaining about a Care Bear-themed bulletin board in a university residence hall. We don’t know if that has anything to do with his removal at this time.

Over the past several months, Polumbo has written columns that were offensive to sexual violence survivors, students of color and Native American students, among others.

We will share more information if and when it becomes available.


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